Importance of Data security – Things we do to make a hacker’s life easy:

We give priority to convenience:

In majority of the cases, we are quite lazy in even doing the daily errands that we give less or no thoughts to things that matter the most. Security of data is vital and ensures our overall performance but to get that security implemented, you need to dig in some extra steps to reach that level of protection. For example, we want all things in one place and hence we place all our passwords in our browser to make sure you need not to enter anything to access your banking account. But then again leaving your PC unobserved for a minute and realizing on returning that you just paid $1,000 to a person who lives in Antarctica. Hence, this is inconveniences to which we do not really have much control over.Image result for Data security

Shortage of skills:

Today we have enough data that wasn’t at our hands a few years ago. We feel like we’re living in the future as everything changed so fast and we had no other option but to adjust to it. The flow of data is coming in at a very fast pace where an estimated 50 Billion devices will be added to the internet by the year 2020 creating trillions of data. But in all of this, most of us have given less or no thoughts to making the previous, the current and upcoming amount of data safe. Moreover, we haven’t thought of how can we polish our skills to avoid the threats and are usually bound to invest in security software that aren’t quite affordable. The best thing you could do is get aware of what’s happening around you and how can you tackle those who you do not trust.

The absence of sandbox:

Majority of the OS are designed with sandboxes that prevents any virus from spreading and doing the most damage. It’s like a bomb defusal kit that covers the attack to make sure the impact is minimum. A solid administration having restricted rights can further improve the process of least damage. However, if majority of the users are given equal or more rights, it is possible for malware to travel long destinations, spreading the fire in all directions. Hence, proper control along with adequate use of sandbox helps you get a complete peace of mind.

One password policy:

Different accounts but only one password is an open invitation given to hackers to hack one password, and get all the other accounts just for free. It tells the hackers how easy you’ve made it for them to take whatever they want. Be Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Bank Account etc. you must keep different passwords for each account to avoid being a bridge that actually helps them in hacking. It is another form of convenience but remember you are also making it easier for them hackers as well. Hence, it would be great if you have a strong memory as multiple use of passwords is necessary and you simply can’t store them in a file to re-access again as anyone else can do that.


Hackers were always present in the market of data security and aren’t going away anytime sooner. In this situation, you have no other option but to take security measures and be one step ahead of them or at least be secure enough to prevent any hardcore damage. The risk factor is huge, it can’t be controlled, but it can be minimized with a bit of an effort. Hence, neither should you be going too easy, nor should you going completely hopeless. Find a mid-way and travel along your journey with adequate data security.